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The chef

Danny Jack earned his chops in restaurant kitchens rooted in the Anglo-French tradition, in particular the ‘St John’s of the North’ aka The Dogs in Edinburgh, where he learned the fine art of preserve and pickle making and how to honour the whole animal by making use of previously unpopular, but delicious, cuts of meat. 

After relocating to London a decade ago he branched out beyond the restaurant environment, hosting his own events in the midst of a nascent London pop-up scene, at venues as eclectic as a disused art deco public toilet.

Over the years his approach to cheffing has similarly evolved. While his technique is firmly rooted in the classics, he has been influenced by Ottolenghi and Moro amongst others, frequently borrowing big flavours from non-European cuisine and placing qualities of seasonality, locality and provenance at the forefront of his food.

If you haven’t recently caught Danny dishing up to kids and OAPs at Mile End Community Centre with the help of financial workers from the City who are doing their bit, then you can find him at his new venture Studio Z, a bespoke kitchen and event space in a vast disused railway arch in the heart of Brixton.

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